Air Recon' Original Glossy Oil on 25" X 20" pressed board available for viewing by appointment. 

Originally upon viewing this piece, I confess, it did not catch my eye as much as many of the other paintings my dad did. I suppose it is probably because I was there growing up with much of it. Over the years I watched him create so many works to canvases, plywood and the like. And well...I'm afraid i probably did take it all for granted and certain points of our relationship.  But now, as it turns out, while photographing a number of my dad's pieces...this is when I really got a chance to view them all so much more closely.

 Just look at how well the minute details become reassembled through digital applications. This incorporates proper lighting, which is key when displaying any works of art as it is one of the components that truly brings out the rich color schemes depicted here. At the same time, I believe there is a model for this one. A black and white photo from one of his many aviation history books.

Currently hanging at the gallery, it is available for viewing  or purchase....3,400.00$$

Air Recon'


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     The John Simonis Art Gallery donates 12% of all sales exclusively to 'Minnesota Disabled American Veterans Chapter' 

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