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So I used to know this guy who painted some pretty cool paintings, many with some ominous characteristics of aesthetic depictions in them. And then there were a number of still life projects showing calm scenic landscapes or perhaps random objects of nostalgia. As decades passed he would experiment further with the certain concepts of  the craft as with effects in lighting and shadow. The man never lacked inspiration or passion for painting. From the time I can remember he was always escaping into the depths of a canvas.Over the years I recall many works of various scenes; from tornadoes, forest fires and castles to humble settings around the boat house or a stroll in the woods. As a matter of fact he raised me. I am John's son Ray. As for this website; Well... my dad ( John).... he really did all of the work. And this collection is only very a small part of what he left behind. I do know for a fact, he painted them for a reason.

It was some time in the mid nineties that he stopped painting due to an injury he sustained . He then focused much of his efforts in the promoting and marketing of his many contributions to this broadly popular medium. 

 At the same time, he also cared for my mom (Marion) who had been diagnosed with sever rheumatoid arthritis and later, leukemia. Suffice it to say, she was his top priority and thus... the promotion of these great works had fallen by the wayside until now.

I only wish I could have done this for him then. I truly feel some regret for not finding the ambition to support him in these endeavors while he was alive. In the end, I truly hope he is able to look down from where ever he is and see ....


 As things turned out, dad had bequeathed to me, a number of  glossy oil originals along with a modest inventory of limited edition prints  signed and numbered by John himself. These are very rare and very valuable prints as well as original paintings depicting small pieces of actual history from the mind of a true artist. Rare visual works that stand to only exceed in value. At the moment, only a few of the actual originals are priced for sale but, showings and displays are available upon scheduling. Also, for the serious collector; I am proud to offer the sale of these limited edition prints which include six in all so far:  1)'The Old School House at Trail' 2)'Lost Legacy; Saint Philips 1907-1990' 3) 'Light on the Forest Floor' 4) 'The Soo Line Complex at Trail Mn. 1948' 5) 'Shadow on the Valley' and 6) 'In Harm's Way'

Details for each of dad's works can be found on webpages corresponding to the particular piece.

Complete contact information is at the bottom of each page. Feel free to reach out to me personally regarding any inquiries associated with this site.

 Ray S


I'm Jack... perhaps I should share a little bit about myself...

My name is John Simonis, My family and friends all knew me as  Jack.

          I’m gone now, but I want everyone to know... Deep down, I really just thought of myself as a simple man... with an appreciation for simple aesthetic appeal. One of the ways I liked to express this I hope is apparent to anyone visiting. 

        To me the entire universe can be viewed as a place of beauty, only limited by the observer’s own perceptions.  The contribution of mankind has rendered much inspirational guidance with its thought filled ability to harness the elements of nature in virtually all structures big and small. 

A long time before that however...

       man’s creator, predecessor and therefore truly ultimate muse; the almighty spirit of the universe provided even further conceptions falling under the broad label that defines what I have come to understand as 'aesthetic appeal'.

          I hope those logging on to my site are able to make use of any of the sentiments their visit might incur. As the production of these works allowed me a personal sense of accomplishment as well as perhaps a time line which might be remembered by those closest to me. 

      Either way, each work is an actual piece of history, marking events that could be personally specific to any collector who recognizes and appreciates much of what the universe has to offer. Enjoy.

John A Simonis                                                                                                    11/13/1936-11/13/2013

 The John Simonis Art Gallery donates 12% of all sales exclusively to 'Minnesota Disabled American Veterans Chapter' 

The original piece, dated 1962 on stretched canvas measures 30" X 24"  and can be viewed on the Estate of John Simonis where his surviving son Raymond resides today. 

Digital image by Ray Simonis using a 14.1 mega pixel Nikon L120.

      1962; While stationed at the  Misawa  air force base in Japan, I had attended art classes given by an elderly local man. He taught me the combination of brush and knife in the application of glazed oils.

     This piece was a result of  that class taking first place in a local contest sponsored by the air force base where I was assigned. I enjoyed the class so much and I had found an eagerness to hone this medium over the years. For this piece, my son had later suggested the title 'Mars' or something like that. I said

"If you say so." 

Another unique feature about this piece is the backing dad used to stretch his canvas onto way back in the day.

As you can see, it is the cover panel off the crate shipped to Misawa Air force base in February of 1962. Complete with remnants of the original packing label

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Simply edit in your information where the * is indicated and hit send. I look forward to meeting with you. 

 The John Simonis Art Gallery donates 12% of all sales exclusively to 'Minnesota Disabled American Veterans Chapter' 

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